6 Best Hacks I Wish I Knew Before Travelling to Hawaii


Want to visit Hawaii? 🏝️

Don’t make my mistake and travel to Hawaii without planning ahead!

Tourists! Get to know the best hacks with King Sims, when travelling to Hawaii Islands.

Hawaii is considered one of the most expensive places to visit!

However, with proper planning and spectating beforehand, we can guarantee that you can make the most out of your holiday to Hawaii by ensuring you get the most bang for your buck when visitng the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

So, to not be shocked by any of Hawaii’s surprises, plan everything ahead of time and get to know Hawaii as much as possible before visiting its Islands.

Let's Get Started!

Let’s get ready to sip on margaritas on the beaches of Honolulu and to enjoy the fine warm sand beneath our feets!

Hack #1: Travel to Hawaii in the Low Season 🌞


When? Is what you should consider before booking any flight!

Spring and Autumn are the low seasons in Hawaii. Few tourists visit Hawaii during these months of these low seasons.

Which saves you several options of hotels, transportation, and attractions.

Not to forget! The low inexpensive prices!

So if you want to visit Hawaii and get the most out of your Travel budget. The low seasons of Hawaii is by far the best times to book your trip! This is one of the best travel hacks we can give our Royal Travellers and it’s a hack travellers often overlook.

So be sure to plan your annual leave from work around these times.

Your wallet will thank you!

Hack #2: Don’t Visit A Luau At First 🏝️


If you’re travelling to Hawaii and don’t visit a lūʻau you didn’t really travel to Hawaii! 

Luau, pronounced “Lou-ow” is one of the most festive experiences to be had on a visit to the Hawaiian Islands – lūʻau is a Hawaiian feast featuring lively music and vibrant cultural performances from Hawaiʻi and greater Polynesia.

Even though Luau is worth the money, it should not be visited directly when reaching Hawaii. 

Luau is very popular in Hawaii. It is even considered one of the most valuable traditions for Hawains. 

Luau usually includes bringing people together and celebrating major occasions, and often includes feasting, singing, dancing, and storytelling.

But it’s not cheap! It costs roughly $150 USD for an adult over the age of 21.

Keep in mind that rates vary depending on the conditions AND the season you are travelling in. Read the 1st Hack in this Royal Guide to get a better understanding of the varying prices and how seasons will affect pricing for tourists.

So, if you are on a budget and want to  explore Hawaii altogether, but want to also discover the experiences Luau. can provide…

Keep the experience of Hawaii Luaus till the end of your trip.

It’ll be the icing on the cake to your Hawaiian Travel experience!

Hack #3: Search And Explore As Much As You Can 🔍


Around every corner in Hawai’i, there is something new to explore 😲

Try as much as possible to explore the most of Hawaii. DO NOT isolate yourself to one island or even your Hotel/Resort… you WILL regret it!

Discover the most of Hawaii’s attractions, from Waikiki Beach to Waimea Canyon.

Hawaii has the most pleasant weather all year. 

Not to forget, its beautiful beaches with clear water and lovely sand under your toes, centres your heart in the natural beauty of our world and helps you find an inner sense of peace and tranquillity ☺️

Search, plan, and discover Hawaii by driving, wandering, and even hiking. 

This is an important travel hack if your going to Hawaii. Do not get comfortable in your Resort⛵ or Hotel 🏩

Hack #4: Don’t Forget a Reef Safe Sunscreen 🧴


Have you heard of Reef Safe Sunscreen? 🧴

Well… You’re about to! 

When visiting Hawaii, You pretty much only have the option to purchase a Reef Safe Sunscreen 🧴  when you land in Hawaii.

The term “reef-safe” refers to sunscreens that do not contain chemicals that have been demonstrated to harm coral reefs.

You should know, all citizens, including tourists, in Hawaii are prohibited from using any ordinary sunscreen.

The Government of Hawaii takes its Fauna and Flora very seriously. As they should because they want to preserve Hawaii’s natural beauty.

So, make sure to get a Reef Safe Sunscreen from convenience stores or supermarkets.

The fact that most reef-safe sunscreens are somewhat organic, they will help protect and nourish your skin from excess Sun damage.

So you can keep your smile without generic Sunscreens filled with harmful petro chemicals AND enjoy the Sun while minimising the burn 😎

Hack #5: You MUST Try the Local Food 🍖🍉🍑


Do you know what Traditional Hawaiian Food is? 🍖🍉🍑

From Poke, Haupia, Kālua Pork, Laulau, till Lomi Lomi Salmon… You can get everything you need from a Hawaiian Plate!

Order a scoop of rice with kalua pig on top, pork or chicken laulau (wrapped in ti leaves), pipikaula (dried beef) and lomi salmon on the side, with a helping of poi (taro, cooked, pounded and thinned with water), and kulolo (taro and coconut cream pudding) or haupia (coconut cream pudding) for dessert. 

Don’t consider gaining weight! It’s a cheat month 🍚🍗🍖

The Hawaiian Islands’ unique position creates incredibly diversified and distinct cuisine that you absolutely CANNOT skip!

Which leaves one of the most absolutely mouthwatering delicious tastes under our tongues 😋

But if you prefer to stick to Western Food, You CAN! The fact that Hawaii is located in the United States also gives you a variety of different cuisines to try.

So be sure to search on the internet, ask Hawains about the most recommended dishes, and try their brunch as much as you can.

Your belly will thank you 😁

Hack #6: Get an Unlimited 4G Data Hawaiian Travel Sim Card 📲


We come now to the MOST important Travel Hack we can bestow upon you.

You abslotuley MUST get a USA Travel Sim Card BEFORE you arrive to Hawaii.

King Sims has connected over 100,000 + Travellers Worldwide with our Travel Sim Cards BEFORE they arrive at their destination.

Did you know? Our best selling Travel Sim Card is our Genuine T-Mobile Unlimited 5G & 4G Data 15 Day Travel Sim.

Our 15 Day T-Mobile Unlimited 5G & 4G data Travel Sim is our best selling Travel Sim for travellers venturing to Hawaii because its priced perfectly for Travellers wanting to enjoy the freedom of Hawaii without having to purchase a 30 Day plan from T-Mobile directly.

The amazing perk of all of this… our USA 15 Day Travel Sim is a Plug & Play experience! This means all you have to do when you land in Hawaii is remove your Sim Card from home using our handy King Sims Sim Card ejector tool, put your Sim Card from home in our Royal King Sims packaging, and then plug in our T-Mobile Unlimited 5G & 4G Data Travel Sim and wtihin 2-3 Minutes, you’ll be connected to T-Mobile’s network without having to do anything else!

So you can use social media apps like: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and video streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix, Stan, Binge to name a few, to your hearts content!

The better part of all of this? Is that King Sims delivers this Travel SIM Card to you anywhere in Australia and Worldwide way before you arrive in Hawaii.

Giving you peace of mind ☺️ when travelling to Hawaii and saving you a ton of money not having to use expensive Mobile Roaming.

King Sims 👑 has helped travellers all over the World 🌍 save BIG on not using Mobile Roaming AND provided Travellers with Peace of Mind before arriving to Hawaii without ever having to worry about using: Wi-Fi, looking for a Pre-Paid Sim in the Airport, and getting hit up with an expensive Roaming Bill.

Now You Can Travel To Hawaii Like A King 🤴 & Queen 👸


We hope these Travel Hacks will enrich your trip and experience when you plan on Travelling to Hawaii 🏝️ 

We’ve taken the time and attention to ensure we’ve covered the top 6 best hacks we wish we knew before Traveling to Hawaii.

The King wants a World of Royal Travellers to explore the World while being proactive and knowledgable enough to navigate the uncertainties of Travelling Overseas.

Travelling is a blessing to people looking to gain a wealth of understanding not only on the World… but most importantly themselves.

If you want to be apart of our Royal Class of Travellers, and hear exclusive REAL stories of the King and the best travel hacks of top visited destinations. Pop in your email at the bottom of this page and be part of our Royal Class  👑of Travellers getting the most out of their Journeys.

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