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Explore Africa Like A King & Queen with our Africa Travel Sim Cards and e-SIMs. Our African Travel Sims and eSIMs are unique because they work in 17 African Countries without ever needing to swap Sim Cards or downloading new eSIMs.

King Sims have partnered with the best teleco networks in Africa to deliver you Africa Travel Sim Cards straight to your doorstep long before you board your flight.

We also sell e-SIMs for Africa for compatible Mobile Phones only. This means: if you didn’t get the chance to get our Physical Travel Sim Card delivered to you before you left to Africa, you can just download our e-SIMs from us directly before visiting Africa, and you will be up and running with 4G Data, 5 minutes after landing!

We have plans available for every type of traveller in mind. Just select one of our Physical Travel Sim Cards or e-SIMs to get started on your travel adventure to Africa without having to pay for expensive Mobile Roaming or even needing to look for a Pre-Paid SIM retailer at any Airport in Africa or any Pre-Paid retailers in Africa.

Africa Travel e-SIMs

Roam Like A King & Queen in 17 African Countries

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