USA 45 Days 4G Travel Sim Card | Unlimited High Speed 4G Data | T-Mobile

by T-Mobile

$104.99 $139.99

What's Included:

  • Unlimited Calls & Texts within USA, Canada and Mexico. Make sure you include the country pre-fix code before dialing.
  • 45 Day Plan - exclusive to King Sims   
  • Unlimited Global Standard Text Messages to Over 140 Countries 
  • Unlimted 4G High Speed Data in USA - Yes, you read that right.
  • 5GB of 4G High Speed Data for use in Canada & Mexico 
  • Converts to Unlimited Data at 2G Speeds (256Kbps) once 5GB is consumed in Canada or Mexico (Canada and Mexico Only) 
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspotting at 3G speeds 
  • Plug & Play Activation - You don't need to do anything else when you land just insert the Sim Into Your Phone.
  • Also Works in Hawaii Perfectly

Info Before You Buy: 

  • CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ: If you do not have exact dates for when you will be arriving into the USA, Canada Or Mexico just put the word "Pending" in the dates field, and you can simply contact us, and you can tell us an exact date to activate your USA Travel Sim when you have organised your travel plans. 
  • The SIM Pack comes with a SIM Card Tray Opener for your convenience.
  • This is a Phone Only SIM
  • IMPORTANT: If you are travelling to Canada Or Mexico Please ensure you switch Data Roaming to "On" with your T-Mobile SIM Installed
  • You must include the arrival date you are entering USA, Canada or Mexico - We need this so our system activates it correctly.
  • Please include the return date back to your home country.
  • The SIM Card expires in 3 months after your bundle has finished and no credit is loaded onto the SIM.
  • When you land and insert the SIM Into your device you will receive your USA number immediately texted to you and a T-Mobile greeting will appear.

The King's Description:

Behold... Our Unlimited 4G Data North American Travel SIM Card. The King has handpicked this Travel SIM Pack as the perfect way to stay connected in the Land of Infinite Guns and Endless Fast-Food Chains. The Data allowance is perfect for the Short and Long-Term 40 + Day, Data-Hungry Traveller who eats through their data like the King eating into his competitors. You can watch Netflix and Stan until your eyes fall out without ever having to worry about going over your Data limit in the USA.

Are you Social-Media Savvy? Say no more! You can also use as many Snapchat dog filters as you like and Facebook scroll all day on your newsfeed to your heart’s content. But wait...that’s not all! This SIM allows you to roam in Canada and Mexico too! This gives you 5GB of 4G Data and Unlimited Data at 2G speeds.

What's even better is that the King has made a Royal Agreement with T-Mobile USA; one of the biggest mobile networks in America that offers one of the fastest 4G speeds currently being offered. They have also received one of the best ratings for customer support in the US, so you can ensure that your travel needs are covered securely. Roaming like a boss in North America? Now that’s King.

    Q: Is this really an Unlimited 4G Data SIM Card?

    A: Yes, Yes it is Unlimited 4G data in the US. Canada and Mexico provide you with 5GB of 4G data to use and then it is Unlimited Data at 2G speeds. Enough to use social media apps like messenger, whatsapp, wechat, and Viber

    Q: How Do I activate my King Sims Unlimited 4G data Sim Card?

    A: We require your arrival date into the US Canada or Mexico so our automatic activation system handles the rest.  To activate your SIM please follow the following steps:

    Step 1: Ensure you have provided us with your departure date from home and to the US Canada or Mexico.

    Step 2: Land in the USA, Canada or Mexico. Remove your original Sim Card and pop out the right sized Sim Card from your T-Mobile SIM /Pack. Insert your T-Mobile Sim.

    Step 3: Restart your mobile device.

    Step 4: You should receive a welcome text message from T-Mobile explaining the successful activation of your T-Mobile Sim and notifications for your mobile device should begin rolling in.

    Step 5: If, after completing the above steps and your SIM card is still not active, please contact us immediately on:


    Facebook: @thekingofsims

    Live Chat: Chat with us on Live Chat - See Below Website.

    Q: Do I get Unlimited 4G Data in Canada & Mexico?

    A: No, Unlimited 4G data is only available if you are travelling to the United States alone.

    However, if you are also travelling to Canada & Mexico as well, you will be given 5GB of 4G Data. Once the 5Gb of 4G data is consumed, it will automatically revert to Unlimited Data at 256kbps speeds (2G Speeds). If you would need more 4G data in Canada or Mexico, please reach out to us below here:


    Facebook: @thekingofsims

    Live Chat: Chat with us on Live Chat! - See Below Website.

    Q: What do I do to my SIM Card if I am not landing in the USA first?

    A: If you aren’t landing in the USA first, all you would need to do when you land in Canada or Mexico first is to switch Data Roaming to “On” in your mobile devices settings. This will allow you to access your 5Gb of 4G data in Canada or Mexico.

    Q: Do I get Unlimited Calls and Texts in Canada or Mexico?

    A: Yes. You can use as much calls and texts in Canada or Mexico, as you like with our King Sims Unlimited 4G data USA Sim Card.

    Q: Can I make Calls and Texts back to Australia.

    A: No & Yes. Our Unlimited 4G data SIM does not allow you to make direct calls back to Australia but does allow you to text message anyone in the whole world including Australia as our SIM comes with Unlimited Standard Global Texts.

    Q: Will this SIM card work in my iPad or Tablet Device?

    A: This is a good question. iPad and Tablets are recognised as a Mobile Device as well, but it works a bit differently. All the King can say about this Question is to purchase at your own risk. We have had reports of customers using this SIM card for their iPad and Samsung Tablets and have reported the SIM working absolutely fine!

    However, T-Mobile has informed us that this is a phone only SIM card. Again, if you purchase this SIM for your tablet devices so that you may Netflix until your eyes fall out, purchase at your own risk. BUT, if it does not work in your tablet you will be pleased to know you can simply just plug the SIM into your mobile device and it is guaranteed 100% to work.

    Q: How do I check my 4G data Balance in Canada or Mexico?

    A: Keep in Mind, If you reach 80% or 100% of your minutes, texts, or data usage, T-Mobile will send you a free text message alert at each threshold Whilst in Canada or Mexico. You will not receive any notifications whilst in the USA as the SIM plan comes with Unlimited Calls, Texts & Data.

    To access your usage whilst in Canada or Mexico, Please visit this link here with Your T-Mobile SIM Card installed into your Mobile Device.

    Q: How do I make calls to Mobile Numbers in Canada or Mexico?

    A: To make calls to numbers in Canada or Mexico Please follow the steps below:

    Making Calls in Canada

    Calls to Canadian numbers are very similar to calling numbers in the USA. You may include the country calling code +1 and then include the canadian mobile number to make a call.

    For example: You want to make a call to Canadian Numbers,

    Simply dial = +1 555 607 7888

    Making Calls in Mexico

    You will need to include the country code of Mexico in order to make phone calls.

    For Example: You to make a call to Mexican Numbers,

    Simply dial = +52 + area code + mexican mobile number

    That's it!

    The King Uses Aus Post For All Domestic Orders

    • All Orders are dispatched from our office in Sydney either the Same Business Day or Next Business Day
    • Cut-Off Time for dispatching orders is 3 P.M. AEST Mon - Fri. So If you have purchased after the Cut-Off time, your order will be dispatched the following business day.
    • If you are worried that you may not receive your order on time, don't hesitate to contact the King's Royal advisors and we will be able to let you know on a Time Frame.

    Our Domestic Rates

    • Australia Post Priority Letters: [2 - 6 Business Days Australia Wide]  = FREE
    • Australia Post Registered Signature: [1 - 5 Business Days Australia Wide] = $2.99
    • Australia Post Express Postage: [1-3 Business Days Australia Wide] = $8.99

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    International Shipping Option

    • The King uses DHL to ship all international orders.
    • On Average, customers receive their international order within 5-12 Business Days
    • Depending on your location and zone, you can receive your order much earlier than 12 Business Days.


    International Shipping Rate:

    • DHL Packet Plus International = 5 - 12 Business Days (Worldwide) 
    • Price = $10.99
    • Please see the below table for a clearer picture on delivery timeframes.
    Shipping MethodUSAUK NZOther Countries
    DHL International PPS - $10.99
    (Tracking Included)

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