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100% Money Back Guarantee If This Travel Sim Does Not Work After Arriving

What’s Included:

  • 70GB of 5G & 4G Data for use within Australia
  • On the Genuine Telstra 5G & 4G network – The fastest network in Australia Guaranteed.
  • Unlimited Calls & Texts Nationally
  • Mobile Hotspot Enabled – This means you can share your data accross many devices.
  • Manufactured in a triple cut sim that fits all phones and Mi-Fi devices.
  • Comes with a custom branded King Sims Sim Card ejector pin.
  • Unlimited Calls to 20 CountriesBrazil, Canada. China, France, Germany Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam

Info Before You Buy:

  • The Bundle expires in 30 days after The Australian Travel SIM Card is activated.
  • The Sim Card expires in 6 months if no recharge was ever made on the Australian Travel Sim after activating the Sim.
  • You must activate this Sim Card AFTER passing immigration, because Australia has an automatic activation system for Travellers which approve your identity to register Sim cards only after you pass immigration.

Please Read Before Buying:

Important Please Read: In Australia, for any foreigner to activate an Australian Sim Card, their identity must be verified by the Department of Home Affairs.

Australia has an Automatic Identity Verification system for Travellers specifically.

Once you pass immigration, all you would need to do is follow the activation instructions, included in your King Sims package to activate the Sim Card.

It’s a very easy process and will take you less than 5 minutes, this is what you need to do:

Step 1: Make sure you have your King Sims packaging and your Australian Travel Sim Card ready with you.

Step 2: Land in Australia

Step 3: Pass the immigration area (before baggage handling). Once you pass the immigration section, the Automatic Identity Verification System will activate your identity to register Australian Sim Cards.

Step 4: Log into the Free Airport Wi-Fi – and visit this link:
Put in your Sim Cards serial number (the 13 digit on the back of the sim) and click  “check serial number” from there, Boost will allow you to continue the activation of your Sim Card.

Step 5: Boost will then ask for ID documents to activate the Sim Card. Select Foreign Passport option as the Identity documents,

Step 6: The way your VISA displays your First name, Middle Name, and Last Name – This is exactly how you should enter it. It will then ask for your passport number. Enter it exactly as it appears on your Passport or VISA.

Step 7: Boost will then ask for Contact details and an Australian address. Please include the Address you are staying in Australia – this can be a Hotel or a friend/families residence

Step 8: Congratulations, if you entered your details exactly as it appears from your VISA your Sim should be up and running within 1-3 minutes. Please restart your mobile device if your service is not connected within 5 minutes of successfully activating your Sim Card.

Step 9: Enjoy your trip in the land down under!

The King Uses Aus Post For All Domestic Orders

  • All Orders are dispatched from our office in Sydney either the Same Business Day or Next Business Day
  • Cut-Off Time for dispatching orders is 3 P.M. AEST Mon – Fri. So If you have purchased after the Cut-Off time, your order will be dispatched the following business day.
  • If you are worried that you may not receive your order on time, don’t hesitate to contact the King’s Royal Staff and we will be able to let you know a definite Time Frame.

Our Domestic Rates

  • Australia Post Priority Letters: 
    2 – 6 Business Days Australia Wide  = FREE
  • Australia Post Domestic Letter With Tracking 
    2 – 6 Business Days Australia Wide = $4.99
  • Australia Post Registered Signature: 
    1 – 5 Business Days Australia Wide = $5.99
  • Australia Post Express Postage:
    1-3 Business Days Australia Wide = $8.99

Australia Post Logo

International Shipping Option

  • The King uses DHL and Australia Post International Express to ship all international orders.
  • For DHL, On Average, customers receive their international order within 5-12 Business Days from DHL Packet Plus.
  • For Australia Post International Express On Average, customers receive their international order within 2 – 6 Business Days
  • Depending on your location and zone, you can receive your order much earlier than 12 Business Days.



International Shipping Rate:

  • DHL Packet Plus International
    5 – 12 Business Days (Worldwide) = $10.99
  • Australia Post International Express
    2 – 6 Business Days (Worldwide) = $32.99
  • Please see the below table for a clearer picture on delivery timeframes.
Shipping MethodUSAUK NZOther Countries

DHL International PPS – $10.99
(Tracking Included)


The Kings Description

The King’s Description:

Behold… Our 70GB 4G Australian Travel SIM Card. The King has handpicked this Travel SIM Pack as the perfect way to stay connected in the Land of Many Kangaroo’s & Cafes. The Data allowance is perfect for the Short Term & Long Term, Data Hungry Traveler who eats their data like the King eating his competitors. The King adores his Australian Travel SIM’s as they use the network of Australia’s largest & best telecommunications provider, Telstra. Which now covers 99% Of Australia’s population. Boost Mobile are the only network in Australia that use the Genuine Telstra speeds. No other Mobile network in Australia has access to the Original 5G & 4G lightning fast speeds that Telstra are known for.  That’s not all… Want to contact 20 Countries free of charge? Done. This Australian Travel SIM Card does exactly that, giving you the ability to directly call numbers in 20 countries without using your available 4G data… see why the King Handpicked this?

Give Your Roaming Bill The Royal Flush

Welcome To The King Sims Experience


Step 1: It All Starts With The Kings Travel Sim

Convenience Is King

The King has worked tirelessly to bring you an easy & smooth travel experience. With a click of a button, You can say Goodbye to waiting for a PrePaid Sim at the Airport and say hello to traveling like a King & Queen.

Step 2: *Ding* You’ve got mail! It looks like it’s from the King.

Don't Keep The King Waiting...

Open it up… You like what you see? You’re looking at a little piece of plastic that comes with huge benefits. Save this gem with you and make sure you don’t forget it on the day you’re going to Australia. Trust.


Step 3: Land in Australia... Plug and Play... Be on your way!


When the plane touches down. Swap out your Sim Card from home and Plug in your Australia King Sims. When your all set-up with your Australian Travel Sim, follow the activation instructions included in your package. By the time you’ve verified your Identity and left immigration your Australian King Sims should be up and running and your phone vibrating from all the notifications you’ve missed on your flight.

Step 4: Walk out of the Plane Like a King & Queen

You've Earned Your Crown, Now Wear It!

Congratulations for being intelligent. You’ve just connected to 4G Data and have Unlimited Calls and Texts to use for the entirety of your trip in Australia. You’ve saved yourself so much money not needing mobile roaming and you didn’t even wait in line to grab a Sim after a long flight.

Welcome… to the King Sims Experience.


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