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UK & Europe 60 Days Travel SIM | 25GB Data in UK – 12GB in EU | Unlimited Calls + Texts | THREE UK

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100% Money Back Guarantee If This Travel Sim Does Not Work After Arriving

What’s Included ✈️

  • 25GB of 4G Data – Only for UK
  • 12GB of Data in Europe Zone
  • UNLIMITED Mins Calls To UK & Europe Numbers
  • UNLIMITED Texts To UK & Europe Numbers
  • Last for 60 Days – exclusive to King Sims
  • Mobile Hotspot is allowed Strictly only through Mobile Devices
  • Manufactured in a Triple Cut SIM that fits all smartphones.

Info Before You Buy:

  • You Can Activate the SIM in any of the 71 Countries
    (click here to see countries)
  • The Bundle lasts for 60 Days from the date of activation.
  • You get to keep your same Mobile Number for the UK & Europe
  • You can recharge this UK & Europe Travel Sim Card with more data. Three UK do not accept Credit Cards outside of the UK to top up these Travel Sims. You will need to contact us and we will create you a custom order form to reload more data and extra days.
  • SIM card expires after 12 months if not recharged after activation

How to Activate:

  • Pop out the right sized SIM card out of your 3-in-1 King Sims Pack
  • Insert the SIM into your mobile device and restart your device.
  • Go to your phones settings and look for the option called ‘Mobile Data Roaming’. Switch this option to “ON”
  • You should receive a texts from Three informing you of a successful activation and a welcome message.

In Alphabetical Order For Your Convenience: 

Aland Islands 🇦🇽 / Australia 🇦🇺/ Austria 🇦🇹/ Azores 🏴󠁰󠁴󠀲󠀰󠁿/ Balearic Islands 🏴󠁥󠁳󠁩󠁢󠁿/ Belgium 🇧🇪/ Brazil 🇧🇷/ Bulgaria 🇧🇬/ Canary Islands 🇮🇨/ Chile 🇨🇱/ Colombia 🇨🇴/ Costa Rica 🇨🇷/ Croatia 🇭🇷/ Cyprus 🇨🇾/ Czech Republic 🇨🇿/ Denmark 🇩🇰 / El Salvador 🇸🇻/ Estonia 🇪🇪/ Falkland Islands 🇫🇰/ Finland 🇫🇮/ France 🇫🇷/ French Guiana 🇫🇷/ Germany 🇩🇪/ Gibraltar 🇬🇮/ Greece 🇬🇷/ Guadeloupe 🇬🇵/ Guatemala 🇬🇹 / Guernsey 🇬🇬/ Hong Kong 🇭🇰/ Hungary 🇭🇺/ Iceland 🇮🇸/ Indonesia 🇮🇩/ Ireland 🇮🇪/ Isle of Man 🇮🇲/ Israel 🇮🇱/ Italy 🇮🇹/ Jersey 🇯🇪/ Latvia 🇱🇻/ Liechtenstein 🇱🇮/ Lithuania 🇱🇹/ Luxembourg 🇱🇹/ Macau 🏴󠁣󠁮󠀹󠀲󠁿/ Maderia 🏴/ Malta 🇲🇹/ Marie-Galante 🏴󠁣󠁮󠀹󠀲󠁿/ Martinique 🇲🇶/ Mayotte 🇲🇶/ Netherlands 🇳🇱/ New Zealand 🇳🇿/ Nicaragua 🇳🇮/ Norway 🇳🇴/ Panama 🇵🇦/ Peru 🇵🇪/ Poland 🇵🇱/ Portugal 🇵🇹/ Puerto Rico 🇵🇷/ Réunion 🇷🇪/ Romania 🇷🇴/ Saint Barthélemy 🇧🇱/ Saint Martin 🇲🇫/ San Marino 🇸🇲 / Singapore 🇸🇬/ Slovakia 🇸🇰/ Slovenia 🇸🇮/ Spain 🇪🇸/ Sri Lanka 🇱🇰/ Sweden 🇸🇪/ Switzerland 🇨🇭/ United States 🇺🇸/ Uruguay 🇺🇾/ U.S. Virgin Islands 🇻🇮/ Vatican City 🇻🇦/ Vietnam 🇻🇳/

The King Uses Aus Post For All Domestic Australian Orders

  • All Orders are dispatched from our office in Sydney either the Same Business Day or Next Business Day
  • Cut-Off Time for dispatching orders is 3 P.M. AEST Mon – Fri. So If you have purchased after the Cut-Off time, your order will be dispatched the following business day.
  • If you are worried that you may not receive your order on time, don’t hesitate to contact the King’s Royal Staff and we will be able to let you know a definite Time Frame. 

Australia 🦘 Domestic Rates 🇦🇺

  • Australia Post Priority Letters: 
    2 – 6 Business Days Australia Wide  = FREE
  • Australia Post Domestic Letter With Tracking 
    2 – 6 Business Days Australia Wide = $4.99
  • Australia Post Registered Signature: 
    1 – 5 Business Days Australia Wide = $5.99
  • Australia Post Express Postage:
    1-3 Business Days Australia Wide = $8.99

Australia Post Logo

United States Domestic Shipping Options 🇺🇸

  • All US Orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Fontana, California either the Same Business Day or Next Business Day, by multiple carriers to get your US orders delivered to you anywhere in the US lightning ⚡ fast 
  • Cut-Off Time for dispatching orders is 3 P.M. PST Mon – Fri. So If you have purchased after the Cut-Off time, your order will be dispatched the following business day.
  • King Sims uses multiple carriers within the US so that we can get Travellers the best rates for US orders and the fastest shipping times in the industry. Our partnered carriers that fulfill US orders are: DHL/USPS/UPS/FedEx/Regional Carriers.

US Domestic Rates 🇺🇸

  • ALL US orders are shipped with a Tracking number. King Sims does not ship any US orders without one regardless of speed.
  • Economy Shipping Option
    DHL/USPS/UPS/FedEx and Regional Carriers: 
    2 – 7 Business Days US Wide  = $5.99
    FREE for orders over $50USD
  • 2 Day Express Shipping Option ⚡
    DHL/USPS/UPS/FedEx and Regional Carriers: 
    1- 2 Business Days US Wide = $9.99
    FREE for orders over $150USD

International Shipping Option

  • The King uses DHL and Australia Post International Express to ship all international orders outside from outside the USA & Australia
  • For DHL, On Average, customers receive their international order within 5-12 Business Days from DHL Packet Plus.
  • For Australia Post International Express On Average, customers receive their international order within 2 – 6 Business Days
  • Depending on your location and zone, you can receive your order much earlier than 12 Business Days.



International Shipping Rate:

  • DHL Packet Plus International
    5 – 12 Business Days (Worldwide) = $11.99
  • Australia Post International Express
    2 – 6 Business Days (Worldwide) = $32.99
  • Please see the below table for a clearer picture on delivery timeframes.

DHL International PPS – $11.99
(Tracking Included)


The Kings Description

Give Your Roaming Bill The Royal Flush

Welcome To The King Sims Experience


Step 1: It All Starts With The Kings Travel Sim

Convenience Is King

The King has worked tirelessly to bring you an easy & smooth travel experience in the UK 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺 Europe. With a click of a button, You can say Goodbye to waiting for a UK 🇬🇧 &  Europe 🇪🇺 Pre-Paid Sim Card at the Airport 🛬 and say hello to traveling like a King 🤴& 👸Queen.

Step 2: *Ding* You’ve got mail! It looks like it’s from the King.

Don't Keep The King Waiting...

Open it up… You like what you see? You’re looking at our Royal fancy packaging with a little piece of plastic that comes with HUGE benefits. Save this gem with you and make sure you don’t forget it on the day you’re travelling to the UK  🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺  Europe. Trust.


Step 3: Land in the UK  🇬🇧 or 🇪🇺  Europe.... Plug and Play... Be on your way!


When the plane touches down in the UK  🇬🇧 or 🇪🇺  Europe Swap out your Sim Card from home and Plug in your UK 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺  Europe King Sims. Go to your mobile devices data roaming settings and switch your “data roaming” to “ON”. By the time you’ve deboarded the Plane ✈️ your King Sims should be up and running and your phone vibrating from all the notifications you’ve missed on your flight 📲

Step 4: Walk out of the Plane Like a King & Queen

You've Earned Your Crown, Now Wear It!

Congratulations for being an intelligent 🧠 traveller. You’ve just connected to 25GB of 4G Data in the UK 🇬🇧  &   12GB of data in Europe 🇪🇺 and have Unlimited Calls and Texts to use for your entire trip in UK 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺 Europe. Remember: Our UK 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺 Europe Travel Sim Cards are unique because they work smoothly in the UK & Europe and 71 Destinations. You’ve saved yourself so much money not needing mobile roaming and you didn’t even wait in line to grab a Pre-Paid Sim after a long flight to the UK 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺 Europe.

Welcome… to the Royal Travel Experience



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