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Once upon a time, in the land down under,
There was a King who wanted more than happily ever after 
The King left his kingdom, to earn some respect
Spreading his ideas, and in return got neglect.

So he went out on his own, travelled high and low
And through the darkness the lightbulb in his head still glowed. 
The light of his ideas started to dim.
When he couldn’t find support for his Travel Sim.

After being betrayed, time and time again,
He decided to go to Queenstown and visit a friend. 
The Queen of this land ended up a competitor.
So he set fire to her land and her cellular.
He knew where to aim and how to build this network. 
He looked back at the flames and said “look up my net worth” 

Ventured the skies, felt no demise. He would deliver each sim
before they would fly. Traitors he fought, a new royal court 
A royal agreement for mobile came forth.

He had the best sim deals in all the lands,
Here’s the link to his website if you need a hand.
Unlimited data from others is simful,
It’s time to be smarter, King Sims is essential.

Don’t travel in fear, and pay deadly costs 
You’ll find all you need at

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